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Central Station Action Live Tweets

This is the live tweets from our action this afternoon at central station. Immigrant X, Immigrant Y and Immigrant Z took part.

Tweet 1 Immigrant X I have just made it to Central Station.
Tweet 2 Immigrant X I will meet @Immigrant_Z & @ImmigrantY in a few minutes. We will just make visual contact and the rest we will tweet.
Tweet 3 Immigrant X Central station is the place where people from all walks of life come, usually in a hurry to get somewhere.
Tweet 4 Immigrant X Some people, however are just waiting,
Tweet 5 Immigrant X Waiting for a friend or a date that may never happen or just waiting for temperature to rise or the night to end.
Tweet 6 Immigrant X If you are just waiting and you look like you don’t know what is coming next in life.
Tweet 7 Immigrant X Watch out someone is going to ask you what you’re doing and not out of concern.
Tweet 8 Immigrant X Often a bored young cop or immigration officer knows you don’t belong and has some set views where you do.
Tweet 9 Immigrant X Today we are going to disrupt what is the start of a Kafkaesque nightmare for many immigrants without status.
Tweet 10 Immigrant X The police stop and searches are legal, invasive and targeted.
Tweet 11 Immigrant X They profile minorities and humiliate those with “status” and destroy the lives of those without.
Tweet 12 Immigrant X Today we will place ourselves between the cops and their victims. We will not try and do it directly as we will become targets ourselves.
Tweet 13 Immigrant X We will observe the cops and document what they do and if we feel someone is in danger we will cause a distraction to draw the cops away.
Tweet 14 Immigrant X I have just seen @ImmigrantY by the newsagents about 100 meters away. I see also @Immigrant_Z
Tweet 15 Immigrant X We will make a triangle 100m apart in the main hall. Every 20 mins we rotate our positions and take off or put on a piece of clothing.
Tweet 16 Immigrant X I better acknowledge @Immigrant_Z and @ImmigrantY and start our little action.
Tweet 17 ImmigrantY @Immigrant_X Hi. I am in place. I just spotted you.
Tweet 18 Immigrant X @ImmigrantY I see you. @Immigrant_Z is also in place. You didn’t come together?
Tweet 19 Immigrant Z @Immigrant_X No we nearly bumped into to each though coming out of the Metro.
Tweet 20 ImmigrantY @Immigrant_Z It is not the first time I have ignored you in public.
Tweet 21 ImmigrantY Hope you will all follow our action at central station here with@Immigrant_X and @Immigrant_Z
Tweet 22 Immigrant X @ImmigrantY @Immigrant_Z Here is the first patrol coming through.
Tweet 23 Immigrant X @ImmigrantY They are passing a few metres by your left.
Tweet 24 Immigrant Z @ImmigrantY @Immigrant_X Do you see black male 20, small rust backpack by central column.
Tweet 25 Immigrant X @Immigrant_Z I see him. They are heading straight for him. They have stopped to talk.
Tweet 26 Immigrant X @ImmigrantY Are you close enough to hear them?
Tweet 27 ImmigrantY @Immigrant_X No I will have to walk past. I just ordered coffee, still a bit hungover from last night.
Tweet 28 ImmigrantY @Immigrant_X @Immigrant_Z They were asking for his papers. I couldn’t lurk around anymore.
Tweet 29 Immigrant X @ImmigrantY @Immigrant_Z He didn’t pull any out. I think he’s in trouble. They’re radioing it in. Going in.
Tweet 30 Immigrant X We will use Plan A, @Immigrant_Z you’re the escort.
Tweet 31 ImmigrantY You’re both clear. @Immigrant_X take the No2 escalators it is the closest out of the hall and the cops won’t see you leave.
Tweet 32 ImmigrantY @Immigrant_Z Go up No4 escalator and back down in the Hall B and go for the southern entrance.
Tweet 33 ImmigrantY @Immigrant_X @Immigrant_Z The cops are back. They are looking around, now heading to the southern exit. Both head north now.
Tweet 34 Immigrant X @Immigrant_Z Did the guy make it out the station.
Tweet 35 Immigrant Z @Immigrant_X Yeah, I gave him money for the tram. He said he lost his wallet at a party last night.
Tweet 36 Immigrant Z @Immigrant_X He’s a student from Ivory Coast and was meeting a friend.
Tweet 37 Immigrant Z @Immigrant_X The cops really moved fast out of the station, what did you say.
Tweet 38 Immigrant X @Immigrant_Z Just that a guy was beating his girlfriend outside by tram 13.
Tweet 39 ImmigrantY @Immigrant_X @Immigrant_Z I guess we can’t use that story again.
Tweet 40 Immigrant Z @Immigrant_X @ImmigrantY We will have to say next time a guy is beating up his girlfriend tram 25.
Tweet 41 Immigrant X @ImmigrantY @Immigrant_Z lol that should work, hope we get another pair of cops on patrol.
Tweet 42 Immigrant X @ImmigrantY @Immigrant_Z Lets rotate and get in position.
Tweet 43 ImmigrantY @Immigrant_Z I think it is too late to pick up my coffee if you wanted to drink it.
Tweet 44 Immigrant Z @ImmigrantY I think it would be cold anyway and you drink cappuccinos. I don’t get the milk thing.
Tweet 45 ImmigrantY @Immigrant_Z Here they come, you better make yourself scarce Immigrant_X it’s the same cops. I’m in the newsagents.
Tweet 46 Immigrant Z @Immigrant_Z @Immigrant_X These guys are real arse-holes they’re going for the gypsy busker by the entrance.
Tweet 47 ImmigrantY @Immigrant_Z @Immigrant_X Yeah they must have a quota to fill or members of the far right. The busker saw them and was trying to leave.
Tweet 48 ImmigrantY @Immigrant_Z She’s in trouble, looks like she will be going with them. Can you cause a distraction.
Tweet 49 Immigrant Z @ImmigrantY It will be too hard by the entrance and they won’t fall for the same trick again.
Tweet 50 Immigrant X @Immigrant_Z Come towards me and I will steal your bag and you scream and chase after me. @ImmigrantY you escort.
Tweet 51 Immigrant Z @Immigrant_X Ok, coming.
Tweet 52 ImmigrantY @Immigrant_Z @ImmigrantY Go to the end of the hall and down into the metro then head straight for the toilet. You have 10 seconds on them.
Tweet 53 ImmigrantY @Immigrant_Z @Immigrant_X They have followed your path. I will escort the woman out.
Tweet 54 ImmigrantY @Immigrant_Z @Immigrant_X Cops are still not back, stay put.
Tweet 55 Immigrant X @ImmigrantY @Immigrant_Z I think it is clear but I will wait in the toilet. I need to take a dump anyway.
Tweet 56 Immigrant Z @Immigrant_X @ImmigrantY I am using my time wisely as well in the ladies :)
Tweet 57 ImmigrantY @Immigrant_X @Immigrant_Z I am going to have a coffee. Once I see the cops I will let you know.
Tweet 58 ImmigrantY @Immigrant_Z That was a really impressive scream, glad you slowed down so you didn’t catch @Immigrant_X
Tweet 59 Immigrant Z @Immigrant_X You really need to do some exercise man.
Tweet 60 Immigrant X @Immigrant_Z I ride to work, just that it’s only 800m.
Tweet 61 ImmigrantY @Immigrant_Z @Immigrant_X The cops are back. Take the metro out and we will meet out later.
Tweet 62 Immigrant X @ImmigrantY @Immigrant_Z We can’t do much now. How was the lady.
Tweet 63 ImmigrantY @Immigrant_Z @Immigrant_X She’s been living here for 20 years, always has a bit of a talk to the cops.
Tweet 64 ImmigrantY @Immigrant_Z @Immigrant_X She’s says they’re nice young lads. She went back to busking.
Tweet 65 Immigrant X @ImmigrantY @Immigrant_Z Oh. I guess they also have security cameras in the station. Maybe we should do a bit more planning next time.
Tweet 66 Immigrant X @ImmigrantY @Immigrant_Z Talk to you guys later.
Tweet 67 ImmigrantY @Immigrant_X @Immigrant_Z Later
Tweet 68 Immigrant Z @ImmigrantY @Immigrant_X Peace Out
Tweet 69 Immigrant X If you want to follow us on our website: http://www.immigrantx.org or follow us on facebook here: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Immigrant-X/516201238420629 … …


9 thoughts on “Central Station Action Live Tweets

  1. Chris says:

    Is this real? Kind of crazy if it is. Shouldn’t you guys be a bit more careful.

  2. Flow says:

    Yeah kind of agree. This seems like a bit of a high risk way to do an action with little result.

    1. John says:

      If it is real, I like the idea of this kind of action. People just doing something and organising themselved. It does seem a little futile this kind of action but I guess admirable.

  3. ImmigrantX says:

    Thanks for the comments. We had a small meeting after the action today and we agree it was not the best planned or executed action. I guess we are back to the drawing board.

    1. ImmigrantZ says:

      We did have a plan. I think that it wasn’t really working comparing risk to outcomes. Something to work on definitely.

  4. James T says:

    The police stop and searches are just plain humiliating and completely counterproductive. Keep up the good work.

  5. Trish says:

    Stop and Search (UK)/Stop and Frisk laws (US) are often pretty counterproductive and police also not pleased with orders to stop and search anyone suspicious. In Arizona where such an emphasis of the police was put on finding “illegal immigrants” by Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio the level of crime has gone up and the level % of offenders caught has dropped. Bit concerned by ImmigrantX’s methods though.

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