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Accidental Anarchist

This is the tweets from today’s accidental action. We thought we were going to meet an underground  anarchist/squatter group. The idea was to make contact with the group as we thought they may have temporary accommodation for” illegal immigrants” particularly families. We wanted to be able to place people somewhere safe if we managed to rescue them from the immigration force.  In the end I think they were initiating me and making sure I was OK. I ended up accidentally taking part in the defacing of a nationalist/ anti-immigrant partly disused party office. Quite a weird experience for me. Immigrant Y and Immigrant Z.


No From Tweets
Tweet 1 Immigrant X Immigrant X is our communication and plan for a better future, we Blog, Tweet and use social media to push our ideas.
Tweet 2 Immigrant X Immigrant X is faction.
Tweet 3 Immigrant X It is what has happened, could happen, will happen or is happening now somewhere close or on the other side of the world.
Tweet 4 Immigrant X Immigrant X is communicating the truth.
Tweet 5 Immigrant X All you have to do to see Immigrant X is open your eyes and see those standing in the shadows and hear a whisper that injustice reigns
Tweet 6 Immigrant X that lives are torn apart by the passive acceptance of those with their accidental citizenship in a western democracy
Tweet 7 Immigrant X Ok today we are on our way to meet an squatter/anarchist group on the outskirts of the city.
Tweet 8 Immigrant X The group is known for housing activists on the wrong side of the law.
Tweet 9 Immigrant X We want to see if we can access temporary accommodation for “illegal immigrants” who are targeted by the immigration police.
Tweet 10 Immigrant X We are looking for housing for families as these people will be our priority rescues.
Tweet 11 Immigrant X Stage two of our operation we are unsure of. We want to normalise the status of the people we manage to save from the immigration police.
Tweet 12 Immigrant X I and @ImmigrantY have access to the immigration database. We can also create records but not enough to make the UNdocumented documented.
Tweet 13 Immigrant X That is headache for later. Tonight we have our meeting in a semi-urban/ light industrial area built at the turn of last century.
Tweet 14 Immigrant X It is a depressed area, small streets, high unemployment and crime, basically no street signs and basically I think we are lost.
Tweet 15 Immigrant X As always @ImmigrantY and @Immigrant_Z are with me.@ImmigrantY is driving while I tweet and @Immigrant_Z is following just in case.
Tweet 16 Immigrant Z @Immigrant_X I am right beind you.
Tweet 17 Immigrant X OK we are just about to pull into the street.
Tweet 18 Immigrant X @ImmigrantY will stay at then of the street and @Immigrant_Z on the adjoining street just in case we need an additional exit.
Tweet 19 Immigrant X I am about to enter a derelict house @ImmigrantY will tweet what happens. I think this will be a pretty uneventful meeting.
Tweet 20 Immigrant X It will be most likely just sizing each other up. They will be suspicious of us and not sure if they can trust us and with good reason.
Tweet 21 Immigrant X We have limited contacts with anarchists and the squatter communities,
Tweet 22 Immigrant X Here I go. I will leave my phone with @ImmigrantY and she will tweet the rest with @Immigrant_Z
Tweet 23 Immigrant Y @Immigrant_X has just stepped inside. Two people in balaclavas met him at the door, a man and a woman.
Tweet 24 Immigrant Y The windows of the house are boarded up so I can’t see anything now.
Tweet 25 Immigrant Y @Immigrant_Z can you check if there is a back entrance. There might be a small lane at the back we should keep an eye on.
Tweet 26 Immigrant Z @ImmigrantY I am backing up. You’re right there is a back alley. I will try and find a parking spot.
Tweet 27 Immigrant Y @Immigrant_Z Ok we just keep an eye on the house from both sides. I don’t think they will be too long.
Tweet 28 Immigrant Z @ImmigrantY These guys seem pretty serious with security if they are wearing balaclavas.
Tweet 29 Immigrant Y Nothing happening still. I think I will open my thermos and have a cup of tea.
Tweet 30 Immigrant Z @ImmigrantY Was in a bit of a rush this morning didn’t bring anything. Have a stale packet of biscuits in the glove box. Tempting for later.
Tweet 31 Immigrant Z @ImmigrantY I olad black van just turned up with tinted windows inthe back alley.
Tweet 32 Immigrant Y @Immigrant_Z Ok this is worry. Keep an eye on this.Can you see who is inside or has anyone got out.
Tweet 33 Immigrant Z @ImmigrantY Ok Will do. No one has got out of the van and I can’t see anything inside. I also can’t see into the back yard of the house.
Tweet 34 Immigrant Z @ImmigrantY The fence is about 8ft so no way to see over.
Tweet 35 Immigrant Y @Immigrant_Z We wait and see. Hopefully @Immigrant_X will be out soon.
Tweet 36 Immigrant Z @ImmigrantY somthing is happening. The van side sliding door is opeing.
Tweet 37 Immigrant Z @ImmigrantY The back gate of the house is now open. Three people all in overalls and balaclavas stepped into the van.
Tweet 38 Immigrant Z @ImmigrantY There was also one person int he back of the van with a balaclava.
Tweet 39 Immigrant Z @ImmigrantY There looked like 2 men and 1 woman who stepped into the van. One person looked like @Immigrant_X same height and build.
Tweet 40 Immigrant Y @Immigrant_Z Can you follow the van. I will stay here at the house just in case he is still here,
Tweet 41 Immigrant Z @ImmigrantY They are leaving now I will follow and give you updates and let you know where we are. I will give you grids to follow.
Tweet 42 Immigrant Y @Immigrant_Z Good copy will tweet you when I have any news.
Tweet 43 Immigrant Z @Immigrant_Z following 156 P8 they are turning left at the lights.
Tweet 44 Immigrant Y @Immigrant_Z Two people have just left the house. They had glasses and hoodies. I am pretty sure that @Immigrant_X is with you.
Tweet 45 Immigrant Y @Immigrant_Z They also left the door open. I don’t think there is anyone still inside.
Tweet 46 Immigrant Y @Immigrant_Z I will go in and check the house.
Tweet 47 Immigrant Z @ImmigrantY Be careful, have a back story in case someone is there. Call out for Mrs Jones when you enter like you are looking for someone.
Tweet 48 Immigrant Z @ImmigrantY Ok I now on 156 N6. Just following this I guess for a while.
Tweet 49 Immigrant Y @Immigrant_Z I am back. The house was empty. No need for the Mrs Jones story.
Tweet 50 Immigrant Y @Immigrant_Z There was nothing there just 3 chairs in the front room. @Immigrant_X is in the van.
Tweet 51 Immigrant Z @ImmigrantY Ok this is a worry. What should we do. I don’t want to involve the Ps but a worried. Grid 156 O4
Tweet 52 Immigrant Y @Immigrant_Z OK got it I am on my way.
Tweet 53 Immigrant Z @ImmigrantY 156 O1 Let us know when you get close.
Tweet 54 Immigrant Y @Immigrant_Z I think I am still 10 minutes away.
Tweet 55 Immigrant Z @ImmigrantY 157 O18 there are turning left into a residential area.
Tweet 56 Immigrant Y @Immigrant_Z Good copy. I think I can be there in 5 minutes or so.
Tweet 57 Immigrant Z @ImmigrantY They are stopping 157 N16. Street name is the mad friend you had in first year uni who thought she could channel Malene Dietrich
Tweet 58 Immigrant Y @Immigrant_Z I tried really hard to forget her. In fact I have forgotten her name. Can you give me a clue.
Tweet 59 Immigrant Z @ImmigrantY It starts with a C. You know she also had a cigarette holder and always wore slacks just like Marlene.
Tweet 60 Immigrant Y @Immigrant_Z Ok I’ve got it.
Tweet 61 Immigrant Z @ImmigrantY they are stopped in front of a nationalist/ anti-immgrant office that looks disused.
Tweet 62 Immigrant Z @ImmigrantY they are now getting and they only have hoodies, balaclavas and their overalls on.
Tweet 63 Immigrant Z @ImmigrantY I can see @Immigrant_X with them. He looks pretty nervous but is unharmed.
Tweet 64 Immigrant Y @Immigrant_Z Ok I am at the top of the street. I see you car. I will stay where I am.
Tweet 65 Immigrant Z @ImmigrantY Ok they are breaking in. Geeze, one the guys must be a locksmith. He just open that door in 30 seconds witha small drill.
Tweet 66 Immigrant Z @ImmigrantY No one in the street saw them.
Tweet 67 Immigrant Z @ImmigrantY Can you check if there is a back entrance.
Tweet 68 Immigrant Y @Immigrant_Z Ok I am on it.
Tweet 69 Immigrant Y @Immigrant_Z There is back entrance again. I will keep watch.
Tweet 70 Immigrant Z @ImmigrantY They are going back intot he van and getting posters and paint.
Tweet 71 Immigrant Z @ImmigrantY Ok this is pretty crazy. They are putting up anti-racism posters over the foreigners out posters.
Tweet 72 Immigrant Z @ImmigrantY I don’t think this is going to turn out OK. Oh god now they are painting analrchist symbols on the windos and facade.
Tweet 73 Immigrant Z @ImmigrantY Now ia crowd is gathered and I am sure the police will be here is a few minutes.
Tweet 74 Immigrant Y @Immigrant_Z Is @Immigrant_X going along with this.
Tweet 75 Immigrant Z @ImmigrantY Yes he is actively painting and postering. Ok a cop has just arrived on foot. Must be the local foot patrol.
Tweet 76 Immigrant Z @ImmigrantY They have now quickly gone inside.
Tweet 77 Immigrant Y @Immigrant_Z they have just left the building by the back entrance in normal clothes.
Tweet 78 Immigrant Y @Immigrant_Z They made it onto the main street just in time. A cop car just passed by. A few seconds earlier and they would have been seen.
Tweet 79 Immigrant Z @ImmigrantY Where are they off to now.
Tweet 80 Immigrant Y @Immigrant_Z They have just split and all gone in different directions. I will follow @Immigrant_X
Tweet 81 Immigrant Z @ImmigrantY That is weird I didn’t even notice the van go but it is not here anymore. These guys are good.
Tweet 82 Immigrant Y @Immigrant_Z That was pretty amazing. I will keep following@Immigrant_X and let him walk a few blocks.
Tweet 83 Immigrant Z @ImmigrantY Shall we meet at my place and debrief.
Tweet 84 Immigrant Y @Immigrant_Z But park your car a few blocks away and walk to you house just in case we have been followed.
Tweet 85 Immigrant Z @ImmigrantY Ok see you in 20 minutes.
Tweet 86 Immigrant Y @Immigrant_Z Ok I am just picking up @Immigrant_X talk later.
Tweet 87 Immigrant Z If anyone wants to follow ImmigrantX here is our site http://www.immigrantx.org and facebook: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Immigrant-X/516201238420629 …
Tweet 88 Immigrant X I am back and thanks to @ImmigrantY and @Immigrant_Z for keeping an eye on me.
Tweet 89 Immigrant X The group we made contact are pretty full on.
Tweet 90 Immigrant X I can’t say I could recognise any of them if I saw them again only their voices I would recognise.
Tweet 91 Immigrant X They basically said for me not to try and contact them and they will call us in about two weeks if they agree to help us.
Tweet 92 Immigrant X The group still does not trust us. They said they have places that “illegal immigrants” can use. So now we wait.


10 thoughts on “Accidental Anarchist

  1. AnonBliss says:

    I can see why you need the anarchist group but why would they want to help you. You seem only a security risk to them. They seem really unsure of you.

    1. ImmigrantX says:

      This is a fair point. They were interested in what we want to do and that we have inside contacts. They are really wary of us but they trusted us enough for a first meeting. We will see if the relationship progresses further. We need support for sure from such a group.

  2. Gail says:

    What comes next have you got a plan of how to use these safe houses. And then what for the people you do save. They will be even more underground.

    1. ImmigrantX says:

      This is something we still have to think through. I don’t have a good answer for you. We just have to think our way through and come up with a viable strategy for our future actions. We just hope we succeed.

      1. Gail says:

        Fair enough I guess. I hope you will think this through before you start interfering in other peoples lives. The consequences for these people could be even worse with your inept help.

  3. Jj says:

    Is this real? Aren’t you taking a risk tweeting all this.

    1. ImmigrantZ says:

      There is a risk, but it is what we do. We beleive that we make a bigger impact by using social media to state what we are doing.

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Immigrant X is our communication and plan for a better future, we blog, tweet and use social media to push our ideas. It is what has happened, could happen, will happen or is happening now somewhere close or on the other side of the world. Immigrant X is fiction and faction.