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The objectives of our actions have been mostly just to free people from the system or just limit the harm done by the system. Sometimes our actions have been intended to educate and force our version of a moral world onto a supporter of the current immigration system. Let them understand the tenuous position of someone without a status tangible enough to enjoy the full benefits of a society that has more than enough share. Our actions thus far have only caused a momentary arrhythmia in the pulse of the system that quickly restores itself to its regular pulse of casual indifference to the damage it causes. A system is part of a society that is willing to take the cheap labour and poor conditions without any of the usual obligations a society should commit to and fulfil for its citizens. This injustice is not alone heaped on the undocumented it is apparent for many although enfranchised in our political system cannot hope to direct policies that would help their economic or social empowerment. Abhorrent to those who want equity, fairness, justice in this world is the political system that limits our choices and an economic system that entrenches not just inequity, but the accelerator driving inequity.

The moments are becoming more fleeting where we just pause and in a moment of clarity see another person as human, no better, no worse a possibility of our past or future or present. Someone to admire, abhor, love or revolt for or against; but above all someone we can understand. I see a growth in the proportion of people who I have no chance to connect with and who will never come to an understanding with me. This for me is the horror lurking in shadows that I act for the advancement of a society that maybe cares not for me or my ideals.

The intent of our actions is to disrupt the current system. An action should provide the possibility, the glimpse of a new world. That transcendent moment to the see a world driven by alternative forces an energy not tapped or unleashed as yet. That is the consequence of the action, a minor ripple disturbing the equilibrium or one that will produce a harmonic resonance or major perturbations or at worst total chaos. Each action has a logic, a risk and consequence and to think that the action has only the outcomes of the divinely good rejects the humanity we share and the possibilities of the wanton cruelty that lies deep inside so many of us. If we have no practical vision for the future then our actions have no consequence; a loose collection of empty gestures we call direct actions.

The axioms of this vision we know we need to elucidate, enunciate, illuminate! I fear that we are grasping at a shadow that a can barely describe for myself let alone articulate to others. I hope that as Immigrant X we can push through and explain clearly to others that gravity is holding us to this planet but it is not so strong that we cannot walk, jump or even fly. We just have to imagine and dream of what this world could be.

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