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Immigrant X, Part II
Immigrant X, Part II

Luck Never Runs on Time

This post is a story you have heard countless times, small facts will have changed from your last hearing. The people and places will be...
Anti Raids, Part II

Raid – Interrupted

Last Friday we received our tip-off from Tripitaka who is an immigration officer involved on raids of “illegal immigrants”. The plan was we would receive...
Part II, Stop-&-Search Actions

Drones for Social Justice II

Today @Immigrant_Z saw immigration police looking like they were going to start a stop and search operation close to where we work. Stop and search...
Immigrant Z, Part II

Death Drop

Tonight is the night when it finally dawned on me what I and Immigrant X are doing. Tonight are our final preparations for our action...
Immigrant X, Part II

Squatting and the PLU

Over the weekend we moved into three squats provided by the Anarchist group we got in contact with a few weeks ago. They are an...
Part II, Stop-&-Search Actions

Drones for Social Justice

Today we disrupted the stop and searches of the border force. We did this with a helicopter with a voice chip telling people of their...
Immigrant X, Part II

My Criminal Spouse

Over the weekend we went down the coast and spent a few days at Immigrant Y’s uncle’s beach house. Once again it was me Immigrant...
Immigrant X, Part II

Immigrants and Our True Fear

The special case is used to further a debate that is just going backwards. This is how it works. Advocacy groups who want to promote...


Immigrant X is our communication and plan for a better future, we blog, tweet and use social media to push our ideas. It is what has happened, could happen, will happen or is happening now somewhere close or on the other side of the world. Immigrant X is fiction and faction.