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Deportation Charter Flight Interrupted

Last night we undertook a successful action against a deportation charter flight. Last night around 100 people were to be forcibly removed and deported from the country. Luckily now they will have more time to launch further appeals to hopefully prevent removal.

Eva who works in the Deportation Unit was able to pin point a major weakness in the processes surrounding organising a charter flight.   We exploited this weakness to divert the buses carrying the deportees to the wrong airport. Russell a friend of ours also managed to get a temporary job as a coach driver with the company normally contracted to transport detainees.  Through feigning incompetence as a driver he was also able to add to the delay of the flight by around 1 hour. In the end we managed to accumulate a 4 hour + delay on the charter flight that resulted in its cancellation. The charter company contracted for the flight was not able to come up with a fresh crew in time to ensure the flight took place.   Below are the live tweets from the last night which took place over around 3 hours.


Who Tweet
Immigrant X Getting ready for tonights action. First stage of the plan seems to be in place.
Immigrant X Will start tweeting the action in a little while once we are sure we are on track and everyone is in place.
Immigrant X Tonight’s action will be against a deportation charter flight.
Immigrant X This is how it goes. This is our next action and let’s hope we succeed.
Immigrant X A law that is unjust should be disobeyed through ingenuity and creativity not by violence or hurt those we oppose or seek to help.
Immigrant X Immigrant X is our communication and plan for a better future
Immigrant X We Blog, Tweet and use social media to push our ideas. Immigrant X is faction.
Immigrant X All you have to do to see Immigrant X is open your eyes and see those standing in the shadows and hear a whisper that injustice reigns.
Immigrant X Here are our previous Actions http://www.immigrantx.org/category/actions/ … … and our Manifesto http://www.immigrantx.org/manifesto/
Immigrant X Here is last week action on Disrupting a Commercial Deportation Flight http://www.immigrantx.org/deportation-flight/ … … with our Immigrant X action.
Immigrant X So this is our next action. It is probably a one off and not replicable.
Immigrant X Once again the plan is simple and maybe a little too simple and could easily be derailed.
Immigrant X The plan hinges on the incompetence of the immigration department. As simple as that!
Immigrant X Tonight’s charter flight will try to forcibly remove 100 “failed” asylum seekers & people being “administratively” deported from the country
Immigrant X Some have been in detention years enduring the withering assault of system against their life’s story.
Immigrant X This system with its disbelieving bureaucracy used to seed doubt & blame not support to those who escaped violence, intolerance and war.
Immigrant X Detention also awaited those who came for a better life and the idea that they and their families could improve their lot.
Immigrant X Some were picked up and locked in detention on arrival. Others were going to work & stopped because they looked foreign by the border police
Immigrant X Some got caught for a minor traffic infringement and their license and ID just didn’t pass the citizens-hip test.
Immigrant X Whatever the reason for removal or deportation, as Immigrant X we believe it is an injustice.
Immigrant X We believe where ever you live on this earth you’ve the same rights as all those who live in your community no matter how or why you came.
Immigrant X We have been working with Eva over the last few weeks coming up with ideas on how to disrupt the charters.
Immigrant X Eva is working int he deportation unit at one of the main airports.
Immigrant X There are actually very few ideas we could come up with.
Immigrant X Once we step foot inside the perimeter of an airport we are undertaking a high risk action.
Immigrant X So we avoided this option and looked at the weak points of the operation from the gates of the detention center to the gates of the airport.
Immigrant X We figured the weakest link are the bus companies that transport detainees from the immigration detention centers to the airport.
Immigrant X Details of the pickoff and drop-off points for the buses are given at the last moment.
Immigrant X Bus companies are notified 24 hrs a deportation charter flight.
Immigrant X The exact route is only given 2 hours before the pickup of deportees to the drivers.
Immigrant X This is done to limit communication to prevent activist groups from the disrupting a flight and the media reporting on the deportation.
Immigrant X This however will help our strategy tonight.
Immigrant X The charter flights by are booked & planned in the city immigration department office as these require a specialist to sign off the charter.
Immigrant X The notice to the bus companies in contrast is given from the main international airport deportation unit.
Immigrant X This contract is for much less cash and not seen as critical as the flight charter.
Immigrant X Hence the job is given to the less qualified staff of the deportation unit in the airport where Eva works.
Immigrant X Sorry was having trouble with our connection.
Immigrant X Many of the flights depart from regional airports but the main international airport
Immigrant X deportation Unit is in charge of planning getting the deportees to their flight on time.
Immigrant X Many of the processes for this unit are centered around the main immigration database and system.
Immigrant X Many process not captured by this system. These are documented in the dogs breakfast that is the deportation unit common network drive.
Immigrant X Eva has told us that the common drive, the G: drive is used by all and sundry with no order or security.
Immigrant X I think we might be being jammed here. Let’s see how the we go with our connection. It is pretty slow.
Immigrant X The order to the bus company is sent as an unsigned word document by email to the bus company.
Immigrant X The document is saved over, time and time again and it Is basically impossible to tell who last edited the document.
Immigrant X This document is also saved in anyone of 4 locations that is the morass of the common drive.
Immigrant X Tonight will not be the first time due to an administrative error that the buses will be sent to the wrong airport.
Immigrant X That is part 1 of our plan. Eva changed the destination on the form this afternoon. We think this will not be picked up.
Immigrant X The form was prepared by the admin in the department office and saved for use later, to be sent just before the admin’s day finishes.
Immigrant X It is unlikely he will pick up the error.
Immigrant X Part 2 of the plan a friend of ours Russell who has a heavy vehicle license and who has worked as bus driver previously.
Immigrant X He has signed up with temp agency that is used by the bus company that will be used tonight for the deportation.
Immigrant X Over the last two weeks he has been hired a few times by this company.
Immigrant X The deportation flights are very unpopular with the bus drivers for obvious reasons and this gig is easy to pick up.
Immigrant X Russell has already been notified he is needed for a job tonight that will last between 3-5 hours.
Immigrant X He has left for the depot and should be arriving in a while at one of the  deportation centers
Immigrant X Eva is on duty tonight and was cc’d in the mail to the bus company and has confirmed they have the wrong destination.
Immigrant X Russell informed us he is on the move he will let us know when he reaches the detention center in about 30 minutes.
Immigrant X Russell says he will be at the centre in 15 minutes or so instead of 30.
Immigrant X In the process of deportation deportees are often subjected physical and mental abuse at the hands of poorly trained guards.
Immigrant X Restraint and sedation are routinely used on people who are “perceived” to be a risk.
Immigrant X The risk assessment however is often arbitrary and incompetently done.
Immigrant X Deportation is often due to a procedural error and enacted on people who just should not be deported according the law (as abysmal as it is)
Immigrant X And who is being deported today? this is what we know from Eva.
Immigrant X A number of young men who came here as minors and once they turned 18 they were fair game for the brutality of the immigration system.
Immigrant X Some on the flight are leaving partners and children who are resident in the country.
Immigrant X Some on the flight are being sent back to where they have no family or means of supporting themselves once they arrive.
Immigrant X Some on the flight are just plain terrified they know there life is in danger upon return.
Immigrant X Many to be deported on the flight are spent, fed-up, tired and frustrated. This naturally causes a great deal of tension.
Immigrant X To top all of this off is the often poorly trained escorts prone to force instead of reason & escalate a situation instead of restoring calm
Immigrant X Likely the escorts will enjoy their flight seeing it as a social occasional to tell bawdy jokes.
Immigrant X Escorts will be annoyed at any interruption by a derportee, asking for the fulfillment of 1 of their dwindling rights; like going to the WC.
Immigrant X Russel is still a few minutes away from the immigration detemtion centre.
Immigrant X Russell has now arrived at the center he is picking up 23 passengers who will be deported tonight.
Immigrant X Russell is texting us when he gets the chance. The bus is now empty and the escorts and deportees will start moving onto the bus soon.
Immigrant X There will be three buses in all. Two picking up detainees from other detention centers in the region.
Immigrant X Russell says the deportees are approaching the bus two of the passengers are in handcuffs.
Immigrant X Russell asks the escort why and told that the detainee tried to hurt himself.
Immigrant X Russell has to be a bit careful here with his texting so he doesn’t suspicion
Immigrant X Escorts on the bus are being rough and abusive and you can tell that this is not going down well with the deportees.
Immigrant X We are sending the buses to the main airport. The reason is that the security checks are longer and multi-staged.
Immigrant X If the bus gets through more than one stage of the security barriers there will be an extra 20 minutes added to the journey time.
Immigrant X We are trying to target a 4 hour delay for the flight. If we acheive the charter will likely need to change crew.
Immigrant X By sending the buses to the wrong destination and if they arrive at the wrong airport we have casued a two hour delay already.
Immigrant X The airport they should be going to is 2 hours away from the main international airport where Eva is sta-tioned.
Immigrant X The buses tonight are heading towards Evaand she may if needed be able to add to the confusion to buy time.
Immigrant X Hopefully this will not be necessary and the general sloppiness and incompetence of the staff assigned to the deportation will be enough.
Immigrant X Russell says he is on his way to the airport now and will send us a message if the destination changes.
Immigrant X Will update you in half an hour or so when Russells bus is getting closer to the airport.
Immigrant X All is quiet from Eva’s end. The buses are headed in the wrong direction and no one has picked up the error. We have a 1+ hour delay already
Immigrant X Text from Russell says he is still on track.
Immigrant X Eva texting also has no one picking up the buses going to the wrong destinaton from border police.
Immigrant X The bus is no 1 and 1/2 hours away from its real destination. Hopefully it will arrive at the wrong airport in 1/2 an hour.
Immigrant X Charter flights are punitive. In many cases the numbers are just made up at the last moment.
Immigrant X Once someone is removed from the country it is a fait accompli, an appeal will no longer proceed or be heard.
Immigrant X Removals and deportation tear families and communities apart.
Immigrant X The detention and deportation structures are there for the show, to be a deterrent not to serve our com-munities.
Immigrant X We are now 45 minutes into the journey. All three buses are on route to the international airport, the wrong destination.
Immigrant X No one has picked it up that the plane is now landed and waiting for the buses that are heading the wrong way.
Immigrant X This can happen because communication between the busses & deportation unit in the airport has happened but once just to confirm they left.
Immigrant X The buses are now 1 hour 45 minutes away from their real destination. We are getting to our 4 hour delay target.
Immigrant X Deportation occurs where the country of destination accepts the deportee being removed and repatriated.
Immigrant X Very often the government uses high level talks to “convince” countries of the developing world to accept returnees.
Immigrant X This is often with done with incentives at a regional, national and sometimes a very “local” level.
Immigrant X Diaspora’s in the country don’t support in general forced removals and diplomatic staff usually don’t want any involvement in removals.
Immigrant X Eva confirmed on the buses tonight are reserves.
Immigrant X The immigration police also use reserves just in case a few people can’t be removed at the last minute,
Immigrant X This is to maximise the number of people on a flight deported. Accompanying the deportees will be around 50+ escorts for security.
Immigrant X In reality deportation charter flights are not more cost effective just better hiddent and not open to scrutiny as commercial deportations.
Immigrant X Russell and Eva both confirm arrival of the buses. We are now upto a 2 hour + delay.
Immigrant X The buses have been waved through the first security check. Eva will now hear a lot of comms on what is going on.
Immigrant X They are now waiting to enter a holding area in the private area of the airport.
Immigrant X Deportation flights take off normally from the private sections of airports. Security is tight.
Immigrant X Charter companies undertaking deportation flights do not advertise the fact they take these flights.
Immigrant X The buses will wait 15 minutes or so before getting clearance before entering the next stage of the security perimeter.
Immigrant X Still the deportation unit supervisor has not put 2 & 2 together that the chartered plane is at another airport.
Immigrant X Basic procedural competence is not one of this guy’s strong points.
Immigrant X If we get through the next security barrier it will be 1/2 an hour plus to get back out of the airport back on the road.
Immigrant X We have now have racked up a sihnificant delay. We think we are getting to the three hour mark.
Immigrant X Eva confirms they are waved throught eh second security check.
Immigrant X Russell has some space now to give us some updates on what is occuring on the bus.
Immigrant X There is a lot of talk now. People have now been in the bus for 2 hours. Just the basic request to go to the toilet is being refused.
Immigrant X The escorts are treating this simple request with derision. It creates an extra hasle for the escorts.
Immigrant X Many on the bus are extremely upset and panicked at the thought of being returned. Not all but some escorts see this as an act.
Immigrant X Russell is getting quite jumpy and uncomfortable being part of this bus trip.
Immigrant X Many on the bus are quite young very early twenties who have not even seen their place of birth since they were quite young.
Immigrant X The 3 buses are now in a small holding area between two gates at the front and back. Russell’s bus is in the rear.
Immigrant X The deportation unit supervisor has finally woken up that the buses are not at the same airport as the chartered plane.
Immigrant X Eva is reporting lots of communication now, trying to figure out where the plane is.
Immigrant X Eva is reporting they are trying to contact the contracting officer from the city office on his after hours number but he is not picking up.
Immigrant X Eva’s supervisor is now delving into the common network drive to find the bus travel notice. Now he is really confused.
Immigrant X They are now contacting other airports to check if they happen to have  the plane.
Immigrant X The buses are staying put as they don’t know which airport to leave to.
Immigrant X Eva is confident  it will take 20 minutes or so to figure out where to go.
Immigrant X They need confirmation from the city on duty officer before they can move to the correct airport.
Immigrant X We are now hitting a 3 + hour delay on the flight. If we get to 4 the crew will likely have to be changed.
Immigrant X The flight should have been departing in a short while. We have racked up such a substantial it is still possible it could leave.
Immigrant X We need another half or or more delay on the flight to be sure.
Immigrant X Eva has said finally the city duty officer has pciked up the phone and confirms the correct destination
Immigrant X The buses need to turn around.  We have clocked up a combined delay of 3 hours and 20 minutes.
Immigrant X This is just not enough it is still possible that the flight takes place.
Immigrant X Russell has decided to improvise.
Immigrant X He’s the last bus and he has decided to do an unconventional 3 point turn instead of waiting for the a gate to open where he can easily turn
Immigrant X He has told the airport security staff he is sick of waiting and wants to turn around.
Immigrant X Instead of waiting for clearance into a restricted area where he could easily turn around.
Immigrant X He did this knowing the 3 point turn is impossible.
Immigrant X He will wedge the bus or take at least half an hour is going 1cm forward then backwards at a time.
Immigrant X The escorts on the bus are happy with Russell’s initiative; Eva can hear this on the internal radio comms.
Immigrant X If Russell can rack up another half hour delay the charter company will have to start calling for another crew.
Immigrant X The max time a crew can be in duty is 13 hours. They have now likely been at the airport for 2 hours and they have a 8-9 hour flight ahead.
Immigrant X The airport security and escorts on the bus are no longer so thrilled with Russell’s iniative. He is now further into his maneuver.
Immigrant X The escorts are starting to realise that the turn in such a limited space was actually a pretty dumb idea.
Immigrant X Every movement backwards and forwards is getting smaller and smaller.
Immigrant X It was always unlikely the 12 me-ter bus would be able to turn around in a 12.5m alley.
Immigrant X Russell is stuck and as the last bus in the convoy everyone else is stuck. Brilliant work!
Immigrant X The radio comms is getting really abusive towards Russell from airport security and the deportation unit.
Immigrant X He is well and truly stuck after 10 minutes of intricate work. The three point turn in the end amassed probably more than 200 maneuvers.
Immigrant X The escorts and other drivers are really getting stuck into Russell. He has now had enough and has walked off the bus.
Immigrant X Eva can hear the whole thing on the radio. Now there is real panic in the deportation unit. This is a real screw up.
Immigrant X Russel has told security he has quit his job and wants to get out of the airport and back home.
Immigrant X Airport security is trying to talk him around according to Eva.
Immigrant X Eva is now texting that her supervisor is now about to explode. The bus company is being told to get another bus and driver.
Immigrant X The entrance in to the private area of the airport is now also blocked which airport security is really pissed off at.
Immigrant X There is now a lot of angry comms between the deportation unit and airport security.
Immigrant X The other buses will have to travel about twenty minutes to get out of the airport, then wait another 20 min to get through security check.
Immigrant X The bus company has been informed but they won’t be able to get a bus to the location with driver for another hour
Immigrant X We think there is no way now the charter can leave with the crew currently on board.
Immigrant X The supervisor is now informing the city duty officer of the delay. He now has to contact the charter company to explain the situation.
Immigrant X Eva confirmed the Charter is now trying to find a crew now. Very unlikely now we are getting close to midnight.
Immigrant X We think this is really geting to the end. The time is ticking and the charter crew has to be taken off the flight.
Immigrant X Russell is talking with us now.
Immigrant X He described the situation on board as really tense and caustic. Russell was getting a lot of abuse from the escorts in the end.
Immigrant X The situation also for the deportees was getting worse as the guards were also getting stressed.
Immigrant X Russell actually would have left anyway as he started to feel unsafe on the bus and appalled by the treatment of the deportees.
Immigrant X We got it. Eva’s supervisor has been informed the charter company can’t come up with a fresh crew until the morning.
Immigrant X Eva has confirmed the charter is cancelled.
Immigrant X Russell may never get a job again with this bus company but we will happily work with him again.  Great work by Eva and Russell tonight.
Immigrant X This action is not really replicable not like our action on commercial flights: http://www.immigrantx.org/deportation-flight/ …
Immigrant X That’s it for tonight. So we will sign off the usual.
Immigrant X A law that is unjust should be disobeyed through ingenuity and creativity not by violence or hurt those we oppose or seek to help.
Immigrant X Immigrant X is our communication and plan for a better future
Immigrant X We Blog, Tweet and use social media to push our ideas. Immigrant X is faction.

One thought on “Deportation Charter Flight Interrupted

  1. Vicki Allerton says:

    Fantastic work! Thank you so much for your dedication to help people so desperately in need. Our immigration laws are wickedly unjust, but if you’ve a few million pounds you’re welcomed in with open arms no matter what you’re history. You are wonderful people, carry on the good work.

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