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Deportation Class

How does a commercial airline become a deportation class provider? Is it the money? Why would an airline carry a passenger for a whole flight who will need to be restrained, sedated and brutalised on an international flight. Why would an airline want to have someone screaming in the back of the aircraft? What does the crew think? The juxtaposition of honeymooners, businessmen, backpackers and humanitarians flying to a new destination to have an “experience”, help the poor, exploit or just enjoy; sitting metres away from the newly deported.  The crew is there to deliver the best possible service to their customers in a safe and secure environment even to a customer whose journey’s end may bring another round of failure, abuse, harassment or despair.

What is also very likely on one of these deportation flights is that no one will lift a finger; in the same way I impotently never lifted a finger on a Sabena flight to Conakry many years ago. A man was screaming in the back of the aircraft for at least an hour before and after take-off. I knew that an evil was being done but did nothing to stop it. I could say I was young and didn’t know what to do, but even then I knew I could’ve at least made one pathetic attempt to do something. Maybe in time we learn what is the right and wrong way to act according to our principals.

What are some carriers of deportation class? Lots of organizations provide updates on who is a deportation class provider like Lufthansa and Virgin recently: NCADC through their anti-deportation campaigns will give updates of deportation class providers  such as virgin atlantic: http://www.ncadc.org.uk/campaigns/marius/
Details on deportations can be followed in the UK  with NCADC Campaigns

If you have the time please write to these airlines and ask them if they have a deportation class and if yes try and avoid them.

3 thoughts on “Deportation Class

  1. Tommy J says:

    I don’t get why an airline would agree to deport people. Are they compelled to by law or something.

  2. Vincent Clarke says:

    Yeah this is something I don’t really understand either. If I had had such an experience of watching someone being departed I would chossing another airline for sure.

  3. ImmigrantX says:

    There are actually flights that pickup people being deported throughout Europe and dropping people off at a few destinations at a time in immigrant source countries with police. Some flights also have special sections in the back for deportation and the police or equivalent. Usually there are two to one security officers usually private security flights. Worldwide it is becoming a lucrative industry with flights in the UK, US and other countries in Europe outsourced.

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