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Deportation Flight Interrupted III

These are the live tweets from this week’s action. The action was aimed at stopping Tariq from being deported on a commercial airline flight. Luckily the action succeeded and Tariq was not deported. For the action to work it needed someone to stand up and say enough.

We track two sets of information, planned deportation dates using commercial carriers and the movement of international workers who have agreed to help, our volunteers. When we match an volunteer on a flight with a deportee we then make contact with the volunteer and ask him or her if they are willing to help the deportee. We give information to the volunteer on what they can do to help the deportee and means of direct communication to us. Today luckily we had two people on the flight willing to support Tariq; Reema and Jason. Read further to see how the action proceeded and resulted in the cancellation of the deportation flight.

Live Tweets from the action via @Immigrant_X

Getting close to the time of our action. The flight departure is in around 20 minutes.,20/01/2015 11:01 am

On the flight is Tariq a 21 year old refugee whose appeal has been rejected and who is being deported against his will.,20/01/2015 11:02 am

Tariq crossed the Sahara as a youth and made it by boat across the Mediterranean.,20/01/2015 11:03 am

His journey was dangerous and he made a life for himself being an unaccompanied minor. Got an education and finished high school.,20/01/2015 11:04 am

Many such youth when they turn 18 are seen by the system as to no longer need protection.,20/01/2015 11:05 am

These young men are seen then as potential miscreants or layabouts that need removal no matter where or what they would be returned to.,20/01/2015 11:06 am

So the 3 long years of procedural abuse handed down to Tariq now is over this morning once the flight takes off in 20 minutes or so.,20/01/2015 11:07 am

Of the life that he built here with friends and some close enough to call family are not seen as significant enough permit residency.,20/01/2015 11:08 am

Today we go the tip off about the detention flight from a friend of Tariq’s and were able to make two matches from our volunteer database.,20/01/2015 11:09 am

See the following link on the project PBS we have started.,20/01/2015 11:10 am

The volunteers are people that are on the same flight as a deportee and are willing to help the person through passive resistance.,20/01/2015 11:11 am

This is how the person can help.,20/01/2015 11:12 am

We tell them the following:,20/01/2015 11:13 am

1. They can approach the person being deported and ask the person are they being deported and verify a deportation is taking place.,20/01/2015 11:14 am

2. If they see the person is restrained they can ask the guards to release the person as they are being deported against their will.,20/01/2015 11:15 am

3. If they the guards answer in an aggressive manner or make an order to leave.,20/01/2015 11:16 am
You can request their name and identity and inform them you will make a complaint.,20/01/2015 11:17 am

4. You can complain to the cabin staff and state your concerns for the safety of the deportee and other passengers on the flight.,20/01/2015 11:18 am

5. If you see any restraint or aggressive behaviour towards the detainee the incidents can be recorded, filmed and photos of the incident.,20/01/2015 11:20 am

6. You can ask the cabin staff to make the Captain aware that someone is being deported and the risk involved to all concerned.,20/01/2015 11:20 am

7. You can refuse to be seated or use a seatbelt and Llastly you can just walk off the flight.,20/01/2015 11:21 am

That is our action we simply empower people to make a stand at the right time.,20/01/2015 11:22 am
The setup is quite simple and low risk for those participating.,20/01/2015 11:23 am

Volunteers are not doing anything illegal, just exercising their right to a safe flight that does not controvert their principles.,20/01/2015 11:24 am

The two volunteers work for an international accounting firm and have agreed to do what they can.,20/01/2015 11:25 am

The volunteers will contact us with SIM cards we bought from a pawn shop and contact us on similarly disposable mobiles.,20/01/2015 11:26 am

We will then will tweet what is going for you to follow.,20/01/2015 11:27 am

The gate will open soon,20/01/2015 11:28 am

Tariq will now be likely moved on board through the security area before the non-deportees board.,20/01/2015 11:30 am

The volunteers that have agreed to help us are: Jason and Reema. They’ve just gone through the security check and are waiting at the gate.,20/01/2015 11:31 am

The gate is now open and passengers are moving onto the plane.,20/01/2015 11:32 am

Jason and Reema have said they are now through the gate and entering the plane.,20/01/2015 11:33 am

They have not spotted Tariq as yet. Likely he is down the back of the plane.,20/01/2015 11:34 am

Jason and Reema will take their seats and then try and locate Tariq.,20/01/2015 11:36 am

Most passengers are seated and Reema has decided to look around the flight and pretend to go to the toilet.,20/01/2015 11:36 am

Jason is texting what he sees to us.,20/01/2015 11:37 am

Reema is having trouble finding a spot for her baggage so has a good excuse to walk to the rear.,20/01/2015 11:38 am

She ditches her bag overhead is now heading back to Jason.,20/01/2015 11:39 am

Reema thinks she has spotted him now right in the last row. She is heading to the back to verify it is Tariq being deported.,20/01/2015 11:40 am

Jason can see that Tariq is clearly being restrained by the immigration police now most passengers are seated.,20/01/2015 11:41 am

The threat of force is apparent. Reema speaks directly to Tariq and asks him if he is being deported.,20/01/2015 11:42 am

Jason says he has followed Reema to hear and take record the exchange if necessary.,20/01/2015 11:43 am

Tariq says he is being deported against his will and starts to try and get up to speak.,20/01/2015 11:44 am

One guards starts to restrain him and hold him down. The guard is applying pressure holds that are causing great pain to Tariq.,20/01/2015 11:45 am

The other guards is standing over Reema telling her to go back to her seat. Jason is trying to film all of this.,20/01/2015 11:46 am

The flight crew are now moving in to try and diffuse the situation.,20/01/2015 11:47 am

Passengers are telling Reema to sit down and stop delaying the flight. Some call out “he deserves it he is illegal”.,20/01/2015 11:48 am

Reema is now arguing with the flight crew.,20/01/2015 11:50 am

She is telling them that the presence of the immigration police is endangering Tariq and all the passengers.,20/01/2015 11:50 am

The crew insist Reema goes back to her seat.,20/01/2015 11:51 am

Reema has asked that the Captain be notified of the situation and the danger to staff, Tariq and passengers.,20/01/2015 11:52 am

She is getting heckled more and more by other passengers now and told to sit down.,20/01/2015 11:53 am

Reema has said she is going to call the police because of the way Tariq is being treated.,20/01/2015 11:54 am

The Cabin crew finally agree to inform the Captain.,20/01/2015 11:56 am

The flight attendant in charge is now telling Reema that the captain is aware but the flight is going on.,20/01/2015 11:57 am

Jason stands up and now starts to argue with the chief flight attendant to create some space for Reema who is being badly hassled.,20/01/2015 11:57 am

Reema and Jason have backed off for now and moving towards their seats, but refusing to sit down.,20/01/2015 11:58 am

The flight attendant has said that security has been called and will board the flight unless Reema and Jason sit down and buckle up.,20/01/2015 11:59 am

Reema and Jason now have to decide if one of them will step off the flight to pre-empt the security.,20/01/2015 12:01 pm

Reema goes first. She gets her bags from the overhead locker and walks to the front of the plane.,20/01/2015 12:01 pm

She informs the cabin crew she is getting off the flight.,20/01/2015 12:02 pm

They try to stop her. Jason supports her request to leave and helps her physically get past the crew.,20/01/2015 12:03 pm

She has now stepped off the flight. Jason says he is staying on the flight because of work commitments.,20/01/2015 12:04 pm

This means now that Reema’s baggage will have to be located and removed from the plane. Causing a delay to the flight of maybe one hour.,20/01/2015 12:05 pm

The mood on the flight is turning quite nasty and a lot of frustrated passengers.,20/01/2015 12:06 pm

Passengers are starting to put two and two together and figure out that they won’t make their connecting flight.,20/01/2015 12:07 pm

Jason is sitting back down. He will wait a while before making his own protest at least until Reema’s bags are located.,20/01/2015 12:08 pm

Reema has said that she is off and has was only stopped briefly by security. She’s making her way out now.,20/01/2015 12:12 pm

Jason is saying there is a lot of frustration on the plane and he is not feeling too popular.,20/01/2015 12:15 pm

Still no word from the flight crew if Reema’s bag has been found and removed.,20/01/2015 12:18 pm

If the flight is delayed too long the plane can lose its slot or if the delay is long enough the crew will have to be changed.,20/01/2015 12:21 pm

Jason reporting some movement now and they are getting ready to get depart.,20/01/2015 12:24 pm

Jason will wait for an announcement to maximise the delay and chance of failure of Tariq’s deportation.,20/01/2015 12:25 pm

Ok the flight crew have announced they are now ready to depart.,20/01/2015 12:26 pm

Jason has now gone back to Tariq. Two passengers try to stop Jason and force him back to his seat.,20/01/2015 12:27 pm

Cabin crew once again intervene.,20/01/2015 12:28 pm

Jason says he wants to check on the welfare of Tariq. Cabin crew are blocking his passage.,20/01/2015 12:29 pm

Jason can see Tariq he is now restrained with handcuffs and looks extremely distressed.,20/01/2015 12:30 pm

Jason walks back to his seat Flight now delayed 55 minutes.,20/01/2015 12:31 pm

Jason takes his hand baggage from the luggage compartment and walks to the front of the plane.,20/01/2015 12:32 pm

Two male stewards try to stop him.,20/01/2015 12:33 pm

He pushes past them Jason is 1.95 cm so little resistance if he really wanted to get through.,20/01/2015 12:34 pm

He now informs the cabin crew that he is leaving the plane.,20/01/2015 12:36 pm

Now there is almost panic on the flight crews faces pleading with him to stay. The delay now will hit probably 2 hours.,20/01/2015 12:36 pm

The repacked bags will no longer the same order they had when first loaded. It will be even tougher now to find Jason’s bag.,20/01/2015 12:37 pm

The crew have said they will talk again with the captain and plead for Jason to stay.,20/01/2015 12:38 pm

Another passenger has also walked to the front telling he cabin crew he will not be seated until Tariq is removed from the flight.,20/01/2015 12:39 pm

Two Immigration Police have just entered the plane and are talking with cabin crew.,20/01/2015 12:40 pm

Now they are walking to the back of the plane. Jason can see Tariq and his guards standing up.,20/01/2015 12:41 pm

It is over Tariq and the Immigration Police are leaving the plane. The captain has obviously had enough.,20/01/2015 12:42 pm

This means the paperwork on his deportation has to start pretty much from scratch and will mean quite a delay before he is back again.,20/01/2015 12:43 pm

This will give him time try another appeal if possible and get further support to stay.,20/01/2015 12:44 pm

That’s the action for today.,20/01/2015 12:45 pm

A law that is unjust should be disobeyed through ingenuity and creativity not by violence or hurt those we oppose or seek to help.,20/01/2015 12:46 pm

Immigrant X is our communication and plan for a better future. We blog, tweet and use social media to push our ideas.,20/01/2015 12:47 pm

Immigrant X is fiction and faction.,20/01/2015 12:48 pm

All you have to do to see Immigrant X is open your eyes and see those standing in the shadows and hear a whisper that injustice reigns.,20/01/2015 12:50 pm

That lives are torn apart by the passive acceptance of those with their accidental citizenship in a western democracy.,20/01/2015 12:51 pm

3 thoughts on “Deportation Flight Interrupted III

  1. Trailor Park says:

    Brilliant, you guys are heroes.

  2. CalloCallo says:

    This action is just brilliant and glad you guys are doing this. It is so simple to stop a deportation with just refusing to take your seat. Great work.

  3. VanessaPox says:

    Hope that Tariq is able to become documented. Totally unjust what is happening in this country. It makes me deeply ashamed.

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Immigrant X is our communication and plan for a better future, we blog, tweet and use social media to push our ideas. It is what has happened, could happen, will happen or is happening now somewhere close or on the other side of the world. Immigrant X is fiction and faction.