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Drones for Social Justice

Today we disrupted the stop and searches of the border force. We did this with a helicopter with a voice chip telling people of their rights when stopped by the border police. Their rights against this form of racial profiling are; that they don’t have to answer any questions and they can just walk away. We used a  toy helicopter  to hover over head to disrupt the stop and search of the border police.  This information we gave to people being stop by the border police in one of the cities main train stations.

The action went well and we all go safely away however the action only lasted 20 minutes or so.  To follow the action today follow our tweets from the bottom of the page up. Here is our mini drone that helped in our operation today below.



No From Tweets
Tweet 1 Immigrant X Immigrant X is our communication and plan for a better future
Tweet 2 Immigrant X We Blog, Tweet and use social media to push our ideas. Immigrant X is faction.
Tweet 3 Immigrant X Immigrant X is communicating the truth.
Tweet 4 Immigrant X It is what has happened, could happen, will happen or is happening now somewhere close or on the other side of the world.
Tweet 5 Immigrant X All you have to do to see Immigrant X is open your eyes and see those standing in the shadows and hear a whisper that injustice reigns.
Tweet 6 Immigrant X that lives are torn apart by the passive acceptance of those with their accidental citizenship in a western democracy
Tweet 7 Immigrant X If you want to follow us here is our website: http://www.immigrantx.org  and@ImmigrantY and @Immigrant_Z our little group.
Tweet 8 Immigrant X We are just waiting for final confirmation on location from Tripitaka. Then we can move into location. @Immigrant_Z and @ImmigrantYready?
Tweet 9 Immigrant Y @Immigrant_X @Immigrant_Z I am ready to move.
Tweet 10 Immigrant Z @ImmigrantY @Immigrant_X Me too
Tweet 11 Immigrant X We just got word from Tripitaka that the location is confirmed for the action. It is one of the major train stations.
Tweet 12 Immigrant X ImmigrantX is faction and the truth.
Tweet 13 Immigrant X The Border Police target the train stations to arrest “illegal immigrants”. They identify people who look “nervous” or “unsure” of themselves.
Tweet 14 Immigrant X This is language is officially used by the Border Police, but it really means there targets for stop and search are people who look foreign.
Tweet 15 Immigrant X So we will be in position in about 15 minutes at the station and we expect the border police to arrive shortly after.
Tweet 16 Immigrant X In our action today we want to empower people stopped by the Border Police. We want to tell them they do not have to answer any questions and can simply walk away.
Tweet 17 Immigrant X We will tell people being stopped by the Border Police that: 1. Immigration checks cannot be speculative.
Tweet 18 Immigrant X 2.They cannot stop someone on the basis of race 3.Anyone can just walk away. There’s no evidence to detain if they don’t even know your name
Tweet 19 Immigrant X The following is a good link for your rights in different countries:http://www.irr.org.uk/news/migrants-and-stop-and-search-know-your-rights/ …
Tweet 20 Immigrant X To be honest we don’t care what the law is we just want to cause enough doubt and confusion in the minds of the BP to get people away safely
Tweet 21 Immigrant X In the action we will not expose ourselves we are going to use a toy helicopter controlled by a smartphone app.
Tweet 22 Immigrant X Here is our helicopter: pic.twitter.com/Hey0vJkj
Tweet 23 Immigrant X The helicopter has the small voice box from a children’s toy that we wiped and recorded messages telling people there rights when stopped.
Tweet 24 Immigrant X Here is the plan of our action pic.twitter.com/M0ZshFKo
Tweet 25 Immigrant X We hope that the voice box has enough volume so we can stay 1 metre above the Border Police and their target for stop and search.
Tweet 26 Immigrant X The recording we used was from a app for the blind to read computer text and is a nice reassuring computer generated voice. We hope it works
Tweet 27 Immigrant X If the police arrive we will simply wipe the apps from our phones and leave by one of the 10 + exits in the station or get on a train.
Tweet 28 Immigrant X Because the station will be busy it will be difficult to see us controlling the helicopters.
Tweet 29 Immigrant X @ImmigrantY‘s brother helped us out with the technical design of the helicopter and the smart phone apps. We practiced a hell of a lot this week
Tweet 30 Immigrant X @ImmigrantY and @Immigrant_Z are you guys ready to go. I can see you both.
Tweet 31 Immigrant X My job today is mainly tweeting as @Immigrant_Z and @ImmigrantYwill have controls of the heli’s most of the time.
Tweet 32 Immigrant Y I’m in place @Immigrant_x and ready. I can see The Border Police coming into the station from the main stairs. There are about 6 and I have a coffee.
Tweet 33 Immigrant X @ImmigrantY will be in the cafe using the smartphone to control the heli while she has a coffee.
Tweet 34 Immigrant Z I am in place @immigranty and @immigrant_x I see the BPs as well. I am in place and ready to go.
Tweet 35 Immigrant X Game plan is that we put two helicopters on the roof of a cafe and small shop in station yesterday.
Tweet 36 Immigrant X We will all use the smartphone apps to handover the helicopter to each other so can increase our area of operation.
Tweet 37 Immigrant X I and @Immigrant_Z will be on a platform overlooking the main station hall. @ImmigrantY will be in a cafe in the main hall.
Tweet 38 Immigrant X We did this late at night in a blind spot from the sec cameras. We are sure we did not get spotted.
Tweet 39 Immigrant X Here is out map for our action
Tweet 40 Immigrant X The plan is that @Immigrant_Z will fly the helicopter in to the range of @ImmigrantY sitting in the cafe.
Tweet 41 Immigrant X Then @ImmigrantY will control the helicopter as it hovers over the Border Ps and their target. We expect to have about 15 min flight time.
Tweet 42 Immigrant X The I will evacuate the helicopter out of the area safely and then@Immigrant_Z will bring the second helicopter in to the@ImmigrantY
Tweet 43 Immigrant X Border Police have stopped someone. Here we go the first helicopter is airborne. We wiped down the helicopters last night so no fingerprints.
Tweet 44 Immigrant X This looks to be working better than expected. The Border Police look a bit rattled. The person stopped seems to be arguing back. A crowd is gathering
Tweet 45 Immigrant X The person the Border Police stopped has walked away and other people are arguing with the BP. Now other BPs are coming over.
Tweet 46 Immigrant X I think is best to fly out the helicopter for a while onto the roof@ImmigrantY.
Tweet 47 Immigrant X You are Ok @ImmigrantY @Immigrant_Z has now control of the helicopter.
Tweet 48 Immigrant X Ok we are back on, they have stopped another person:@Immigrant_Z bring it back in to @ImmigrantY
Tweet 49 Immigrant X Same story again. A crowd is gathering around the helicopter and the border police are approaching trying to grab it.
Tweet 50 Immigrant X The person they stopped has melted into the crowd. Ok we have trouble the police are arriving. Plan A. @Immigrant_Z you fly Heli 1.
Tweet 51 Immigrant X Then @Immigrant_Z you fly out heli 2. @ImmigrantY leave now down the stairs the cops are coming the opposite direction. Wipe your phone.
Tweet 52 Immigrant X Is everyone clear @ImmigrantY and @Immigrant_Z. I got helicopter 1 onto the roof of bus. I see it still there at least a few hundred metres away.
Tweet 53 Immigrant Y @ImmigrantY and @Immigrant_Z I am on the train will be off in about a minute. I have cleaned the phone and dumped the sim.
Tweet 54 Immigrant Y @Immigrant_X and @Immigrant_Z I am on the bus and will head to work now. See you later tonight.



12 thoughts on “Drones for Social Justice

  1. Trish says:

    To be honest I think you guys are bordering on the insane. The border police would have been back to work 5 minutes after you left. Not sure if you achieved anything with this action.

    1. James T says:

      I disagree a bit. The action did disrupt the police for a while. Maybe one or two people were not brought into custody because of the action. So I think you have agree that is a success.

      1. Trish says:

        Yes to some degree. But the risk that they taking is seems disproportionate to the outcome from their actions.

  2. KP says:

    Really cool action and inventive. Drones for what they should be used for!

    1. ImmigrantY says:

      Thanks KP

  3. BJ says:

    Did you get any media attention? By getting this story and especially what was being said into media (perhaps more social or migrant/immigrant media) more people at risk may hear about it and understand their ‘rights’ to walk away? Concerned (as said to you previously when starting) that maybe too many details on twitter may expose you, your supporters and ultimately migrants you are trying to help but glad to follow this and see all the safeguards you have been taking. Good luck!

    1. ImmigrantY says:

      Thanks for your concern we took some additional precautions this week. We tweeted with a delay. We use the same tweetdeck account and forward tweet by one day so we can see our own tweets (just one click extra for a tweet). We didn’t get any media attention we don’t have media contacts and I am not sure I would trust the media to tell the story in the way we want. We feel social media helps us get closer to our target people we want to influence. We hope people support us though by retweeting, or posting our actions on Facebook and other social media.

      Thanks once again for taking the time write.

  4. Glenn says:

    Excellent idea #genius

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Immigrant X is our communication and plan for a better future, we blog, tweet and use social media to push our ideas. It is what has happened, could happen, will happen or is happening now somewhere close or on the other side of the world. Immigrant X is fiction and faction.