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Graphic Story: Turning a Negative to Postive

This graphic story is a continuation of “Interview as Torture”. We managed to find a way into the immigration database and alter the status of asylum applications. Over time we were able to turn many negative status outcomes to positive, getting families out of detention and back to the lives that had been in limbo for far too long.
Art and illustrations by Ana Patankar.
IMX__Story 7_Frame 1
IMX__Story 7_Frame 2
IMX__Story 7_Frame 3
IMX__Story 7_Frame 4
IMX__Story 7_Frame 5

2 thoughts on “Graphic Story: Turning a Negative to Postive

  1. Shameema Akhter Shimul says:

    Wish that could happen in real asylum cases like the story. Refugees get rights respectfully to live their lives.

    1. Shameema Akhter Shimul says:

      One world one nation for humanity…

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