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Invisible Lines and The Fortress

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The planning has started to get more detailed as to where and what we will do next. We have found a suitable location for our operations; one of the smaller countries of edge of the Fortress. Immigrant Y is fluent in one of the border Fortress languages and to this land we will go. There are a number of detention centres on the edge of the Fortress and we think we will find it easy to infiltrate in some way a centre though Immigrant Y and the contacts we hope to make. Funding and service provision and staff morale at these centres is low, whereas corruption and administrative incompetence is high. We see this as fertile ground to disrupt the detention system and hopefully release many more people that we could ever hope to here. What we achieved in our tunnelling operation over two months, with its high cost and large amount of labour required we can likely achieve in days with much less risk and effort.

Our aim is to create a high level of leakage in the immigration detention regime of the Fortress. Corrupting a system this time for good and reducing the level of oppression of people who just wanted a better life and took their chance.

What we represent through our actions is an undeniable logic that speaks of the rights inherent in our humanity and can only be argued against with a dehumanising pragmatism, delegitimising the rights of the dispossessed in favour of those that have it all. The Fortress countries keep asking those who possess nothing to wait patiently for a new dawn of prosperity to trickle down, to wash away the wars fuelled by greed. Voices that seek a fairer share are seen as naïve, lacking a realistic view of humanity fail to see that invisible line through history that points to western dominance; only seen by the rich and powerful.

The Fortress pursues a global hegemonic struggle for power and the earth’s finite resources and leaves a trail of devastation to communities that it feels no responsibility for. All the Fortress can say to the victims of ethnic cleansing, environmental degradation, and the disintegration of social, familial and community structures is to be more like us and less like you. The reason why the Fortress has won and you have lost is you failed to see an invisible line and to follow that line and the real tragedy for your poverty or your flight for your life was your societies and your forebears lack of judgement. Collectively the Fortress bears no responsibility or accepts any blame.

The only way to respond to the Fortress is to create a parallel world (in and around it), a reality that is a viable and attractive alternative. This is our hope, to make this alternate transcendence visible, in plain sight of a world that is becoming dangerously polarised and unstable.

2 thoughts on “Invisible Lines and The Fortress

  1. Queeble says:

    Where exactly are you going. What is the Fortress? Is the Fortres in Europe or the US?

  2. Jess says:

    I think I know where you are going and anything you can do will be welcome. Wish you all the best.

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