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Making Contacts (turn off your phone)

This is the live tweets from today’s meeting with a contact. We are trying to make contacts to improve are capacity as an organisation. We realised we need a network to be able to run an action that can actually realise a positive change for illegal immigrants. Hope you read and comment if you have any thoughts on what we are doing or how we do it.


No From Tweet
Tweet 1 Immigrant X    Yesterday via Facebook we had contact with someone who wanted to help our group, ImmigrantX
Tweet 2 Immigrant X    The person works as a border security officer and is detached to a squad that arrests “illegals immigrants”.
Tweet 3 Immigrant X    Today I will try and meet this person to see if we can work together. The idea is that we can use inside information on upcoming arrests.
Tweet 4 Immigrant X    We think if we get tip-offs a few hours before the upcoming raids, we can at the minimum prevent an arrest.
Tweet 5 Immigrant X    And possibly if we are more connected we can get targeted immigrants to a safe location.
Tweet 6 Immigrant X    Currently we don’t really have enough contacts for the second part of the plan. Getting people to a safe location.
Tweet 7 Immigrant X    This morning our action is pretty small with @ImmigrantY and@Immigrant_Z just to make contact with our informant in the border force.
Tweet 8 Immigrant X    So far these conversations with groups that we know shelter “illegal immigrants” are a bit weird.
Tweet 9 Immigrant X    It is always talking generally in coded language where both parties not wanting to reveal too much as they are unsure if the other is a cop.
Tweet 10 Immigrant X    More dangerous than a cop is someone that doesn’t know what they are doing or exaggerating their experience or abilities.
Tweet 11 Immigrant X    I guess at the moment ImmigrantX is one of those groups who don’t know what they’re doing, so we are dangerous for more professional groups.
Tweet 12 Immigrant X    These are precisely the groups we need to make contact with to become more professional and to plan better operations.
Tweet 13 Immigrant X    Well today I am meeting someone calling themselves Tripitaka
Tweet 14 Immigrant X    Just heading to a café in the city where I have arranged a meeting with the border force officer.
Tweet 15 Immigrant X    @Immigrant_Z @ImmigrantY Will be also be there today to observe the cafe and surrounds; to check that I haven’t been setup.
Tweet 16 Immigrant X    @ImmigrantY @Immigrant_Z Are you guys close by. I will be arriving at our meeting point in 5 minutes.
Tweet 17 Immigrant Z    @ImmigrantY Did you bring a camera?
Tweet 18 Immigrant Y    @Immigrant_Z Yes and I am dressed like a tourist with a nice woolly tourist beany and Northface jacket.
Tweet 19 Immigrant Z    @ImmigrantY I see you. Isn’t that your Ex’s jacket.
Tweet 20 Immigrant Y    @Immigrant_Z Yes and I am still using his mobile. Really good mobile plan, very satisfied.
Tweet 21 Immigrant X    @ImmigrantY @Immigrant_Z Ok I see you both. We take up position and look touristy. It is so cold out here today.
Tweet 22 Immigrant X    @Immigrant_Z @ImmigrantY Tripitaka should have arrived by now.
Tweet 23 Immigrant Y    @Immigrant_X @Immigrant_Z I think that is Tripitaka, fits the description.
Tweet 24 Immigrant X    @Immigrant_Z @ImmigrantY We observe and wait till he leaves with no contact and then follow, after 3 blocks we make contact. To be sure.
Tweet 25 Immigrant Z    @Immigrant_X @ImmigrantY He’s a lot younger than I expected and he’s a she.
Tweet 26 Immigrant Y    @Immigrant_Z @Immigrant_X Yeah you’re right. He is a she.
Tweet 27 Immigrant X    Tripitaka is taking her first coffee with a croissant. We wait.
Tweet 28 Immigrant X    @Immigrant_Z @bristolnoborder Thanks I will remember to turn off my phone just in case.
Tweet 29 Immigrant X    She is now on to her second cup of coffee and my feet are frozen.
Tweet 30 Immigrant Y    @Immigrant_X Mine too.
Tweet 31 Immigrant Y    @Immigrant_X Also take the battery out of your phone when you make contact. Thanks for the tip @bristolnoborder
Tweet 32 Immigrant X    @ImmigrantY @bristolnoborder Good copy.
Tweet 33 Immigrant X    This has to be her last coffee and think she also has carrot cake. I hope she moves soon. I am freezing.
Tweet 34 Immigrant Y    @Immigrant_X No another coffee. She must be bouncing around the room with that much cafine.
Tweet 35 Immigrant Z    @ImmigrantY @Immigrant_X My ears arabout to drop off.
Tweet 36 Immigrant Y    @Immigrant_X she is going to pay.
Tweet 37 Immigrant X    @ImmigrantY Can you take the left sidewalk and I will follow behind.
Tweet 38 Immigrant X    @Immigrant_Z You just observe us both to see if you spot anyone suspicious.
Tweet 39 Immigrant X    We just are following for a few blocks to see if she makes any quick contact with someone.
Tweet 40 Immigrant Z    @Immigrant_X Good copy
Tweet 41 Immigrant Y    @Immigrant_X I have position.
Tweet 42 Immigrant X    @ImmigrantY @Immigrant_Z Have you seen anything suspicious.
Tweet 43 Immigrant Y    @Immigrant_X Nothing out of the ordinary
Tweet 44 Immigrant Z    @Immigrant_X @ImmigrantY No nothing suspicious.
Tweet 45 Immigrant X    @ImmigrantY @Immigrant_Z Ok I will make contact stay back a bit in case it all goes wrong.
Tweet 46 Immigrant X    @Immigrant_Z @ImmigrantY I will kill my phone just in case. As I am bit paranoid now and take the battery out.
Tweet 47 Immigrant Y    @Immigrant_Z I saw him take the battery out. He even wrapped tin foil from his lunch over his phone.
Tweet 48 Immigrant Z    @ImmigrantY Ok I bit weird!
Tweet 49 Immigrant Y    @Immigrant_Z He looks ok. They are now going to a cafe on the corner.
Tweet 50 Immigrant Y    @Immigrant_Z Should we go in.
Tweet 51 Immigrant Z    @ImmigrantY No we wait outside. I can see @Immigrant_X through the window. I will just take photos from the bridge and look like a tourist.
Tweet 52 Immigrant Z    @ImmigrantY They are coming out.
Tweet 53 Immigrant Y    @Immigrant_Z I see them. I think the meeting is over.
Tweet 54 Immigrant Z    @ImmigrantY Did she just flick her hair and smile at @Immigrant_X
Tweet 55 Immigrant Y    @Immigrant_Z Yeah I think she did. New contact and a romantic interest, big day for @Immigrant_X
Tweet 56 Immigrant Z    @ImmigrantY Will you continue to follow Tripitaka to see if she make contact with someone else.
Tweet 57 Immigrant Y    @Immigrant_Z Will do. I will follow for 1/2 an hour. It is my nieces birthday in the afternoon and I still have to buy presents.
Tweet 58 Immigrant X    Ok I am back tweeting. I think I am far enough away now. Thanks@ImmigrantY for following.
Tweet 59 Immigrant X    @ImmigrantY @Immigrant_Z I think we have a good lead. The problem is that we will have a really short time to react to tip offs.
Tweet 60 Immigrant X    @ImmigrantY @Immigrant_Z Tripitaka only gets the list of raid targets at the start of her shift.
Tweet 61 Immigrant X    @ImmigrantY @Immigrant_Z This means we have less than one hour to warn an immigrant that they will be arrested.
Tweet 62 Immigrant X    @ImmigrantY @Immigrant_Z She said she will do her best to gives us as many names on the list and priorities families.
Tweet 63 Immigrant X    @ImmigrantY @Immigrant_Z Ok we meet later tonight at my place. I will get some take away.
Tweet 64 Immigrant Y    @Immigrant_X @Immigrant_Z Sounds great and safer getting takeaway than you cooking.
Tweet 65 Immigrant Z    @Immigrant_X See you later I will hang around the city for a while in case anything happens @ImmigrantY
Tweet 66 Immigrant Y    @Immigrant_Z @Immigrant_X Thanks. But we are heading towards the metro. I will tweet you if anything happens otherwise see you tonight.


4 thoughts on “Making Contacts (turn off your phone)

  1. Kath Johnston says:

    Wasn’t this action a bit dangerous. If the person was a cop they could have followed your twitter stream since they know what group you belong to.

  2. ImmigrantX says:

    Good point. @Immigrant_Z made the contact from one of her Facebook accounts. This account has no relation to Immigrant X and we have not mentioned who we are as yet.

  3. Kath Johnston says:

    Sure but it still seems like an unnecessary risk to take. If you would have been turned yo would have had a whole twitter stream as evidence.

  4. ImmigrantY says:

    The point is valid, but we still have to take some risk. We use social media to tell what we are doing and promote our ideas. It would be safer if we didn’t twitter but potentially have a lot less impact.

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