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Networking Part II

On Friday we made contact with a group that flies under the radar that runs a network of safe houses. The group members are former squatters and anarchists and have maintained a squatting front but are now providing crisis accommodation for activists who have gone underground as well as “illegal immigrants”¬† who have an anarchist connection.

We hope that they can also provide crisis accommodation for illegal immigrants and in particular families. Our plan is to be able to use our contact in the immigration force to give us tip offs on raids targeting “illegal immigrants”. Once we have alerted a person or family targeted by the Immigration Industrial Complex then we should support these people in making a new start if only for a few days or weeks.

Yesterday I traveled to the outskirts of town to talk with the group. They were extremely paranoid and quite rough with me. We met at a derelict house in a decaying industrial estate. The moment I entered the house I was blind folded sat down and asked 50 rapid fire questions about myself and Immigrant X, the questions seemed  quite repetitive but somehow always slightly different. Reminded me of the physiological test I did before joining the immigration department. After which they asked me detailed questions what they knew about their group. Which was basically nothing and is still nothing. ImmigrantY knew someone who knew someone in the group maybe from 10 years back.

After the interrogation they told me to put a jacket with a hoodie, overalls and dark glasses on. I was still blind folded and then they took me I think through the back of the house and into a van waiting at the back of the house. It was only after driving for 30 minutes or so that the blindfold came off. The told me that we were going to deface the office of a nationalist far-right party office and put up ant-racist posters. So I joined their action which I guess was a kind of initiation for me.

We defaced the office for about 20 minutes spray painting anarchist symbols and putting up some posters. The we piled through the font door where the lock had been forced by one of the guys in the group. The went inside the office took our overalls and fled through the back of the office and into a back alley. Immigrant Y picked me up a short time later. I was really glad Immigrant Y and Immigrant Z managed to follow me and had figured out what had gone on.

So do we have a good contact to house “illegal immigrants”, well to be honest I have no idea. They call us in two weeks, we can’t and actually don’t know how to call them. I am sure the email address is already closed. So we wait. So a very surreal experience and I have no idea what comes next but somehow it does feel like Immigrant X as a group made progress. I think we have made the right moves so far.


7 thoughts on “Networking Part II

  1. Francois says:

    Wow, I not believe that this could happen like this. Good luck and you guys have some real courage to be doing what you do.

  2. JamesP says:

    You guys were really lucky. This could have gone really wrong.

    1. ImmigrantY says:

      You are right. We had no idea what was going to happen and we were lucky that the cops showed up late. Otherwise Immigrant X could have been picked up.

    2. Nozomi says:

      Illegal Immigration is one of those gray areas. I know so many wonderful, hard woinrkg families that have come to America and have found a better life. Their immigration status keeps them fearful and even prevents them from becoming full contributing members of our great nation. Seems to me America is just one big melting pot of immigrants ! How many natural born US citizens have ancestors who were immigrants when they first came to this country? Unless you’re Native American the answer is all of us ! LOL

  3. KP says:

    Aren’t there legitimate NGOs that house people who are illegal. There are lots of NGOs out there doing this aren’t there.

    1. ImmigrantY says:

      You are right there are lots of NGOs who do give accommodation to “illegal immigrants” however we are trying to house people who are targeted by the authorities. We believe that putting them into the hands of an NGO who is working openly will put the NGO and immigrants at risk. So that is why we are going down this path.

      1. ImmigrantX says:

        We actually approached a few groups and they advised us that it would be difficult for them to help us. They felt that our approach was too high risk and we would jeopardize the already fraught relations they have with the authorities.

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