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We started to assign roles in the last two days. My role will be communications and strategy.  ImmigrantY will be in charge of planning and assessment and ImmigrantZ in charge of security. We don’t really know what these roles really are but we know we have to start researching and develop a way of working that keeps us safe, helps the victims of an unjust system and raises awareness to enact political change.

So a new day, a renewed commitment and a plan is starting to take shape. One of my jobs now is to start networking with other organisations that can help us. If we do help someone we need to be able to hook them up with safe houses, temporary accommodation or quick legal advice. Before our next operation we need to get this sorted.

To begin with it will be a bit tricky, we don’t know who to trust and we don’t want to let other organisations too much about us initially. We feel that many of our activities maybe in time illegal. We will do what we can to help as long as no one gets hurt but we all agree we are willing to pay the price for an illegal but just act.

ImmigrantY had made some interesting contacts to follow up on. So we have a bit of work to do in the coming week.

6 thoughts on “Networking

  1. Kath Johnston says:

    Good luck with the new approach. This sounds like a lot to figure out and illegal. I hope you will be careful.

  2. No Cuts says:

    I think you should get in touch with anarchists and squatters. These often have good networks, maybe worth a try.

  3. ImmigrantX says:

    Thanks Kath and No Cuts. We indeed want to be careful and also make sure no one gets hurt and thanks for the tip. We were also looking in this direction. ImmigrantY is more in touch with this movement but her contacts are quite old.

  4. No Cuts says:

    I don’t know if they actively house illegal immigrants or have networks of safe houses, but it is probably worth a try.

  5. ImmigrantY says:

    Some organizations are pretty open about providing emergency accommodation and are left alone by the Police and immigration department. We will try and look at registered non-governmental organisations as well as though that are underground. This will give us some flexibility if we end up being a bit successful in our actions.

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