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Raid Interrupted
Raid Interrupted
Graphic Novel, Raid Interrupted

Raid Interrupted Immigrant X Graphic Novel

This is a graphic representation of one of our first successful operations as Immigrant X; Raid Interrupted. Tripitaka was our informant in the immigration department...
Part VI, Stop-&-Search Actions

Stop and Search Buddies

On Thursday we put together an action against stop and searches. It involved assigning a buddy to an immigration officer on a stop and search...
Anti-Deportation, Part VI

Deportation Flight Interrupted II

Here are the live tweets from our action last week, to stop the deportation of Sahil on a commercial airline flight. We managed to make...

Protect Divest and Boycott Database

The Database Creation of a database to collection real time information and share it after validation by a group of administrators. Allow users to view...
Anti-Deportation, Part VI

Deportation Charter Flight Interrupted

Last night we undertook a successful action against a deportation charter flight. Last night around 100 people were to be forcibly removed and deported from...
Anti-Deportation, Part VI

Deportation Flight Interrupted

This is the stripped down tweets from todays action so I could place it in chronological order. Today’s action was aimed at stopping Siddique from...
Part V, The Tunnel

Escape from Immigration Detention

Today was the last day of our operation and a new life filled with trepidation for 23 people.Of the 23 6 are children under 12...


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