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(Spanish) Graphic Novel: Interview as Torture & Turning a Negative to Positive

Here is our latest graphic story translated in Spanish. We show the day jobs of Immigrant X and the workings of the immigration department. Instead of supporting people seeking refuge we damage them through the system that has been created by a political class that cares less and less for their humanity.
Art and illustrations by Ana Patankar.
IMX__Story 6-Spanish-Frame1
IMX__Story 6-Spanish-Frame2
IMX__Story 6-Spanish-Frame3
IMX__Story 6-Spanish-Frame4
IMX__Story 6-Spanish-Frame5
IMX__Story 6-Spanish-Frame6
IMX__Story 6-Spanish-Frame7
IMX__Story 7-Spanish-Frame1
IMX__Story 7-Spanish-Frame2a
IMX__Story 7-Spanish-Frame3
IMX__Story 7-Spanish-Frame4
IMX__Story 7-Spanish-Frame5

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