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Transfers to Freedom

Last Tuesday we started the first operation to free people from Immigration Detention on the edge of the Fortress. We successfully freed 20 men from the Immigration Detention Centre DEX52. Immigrant Y had managed to get high level access to the immigration database that enabled her to setup the transfers. It was a success and yesterday the undocumented men made it into the Inner Fortress to start their new lives. Read below for the live tweets from the operation.

Live Tweets from the action via @Immigrant_X

Immigrant X: This morning we are running an action to free 20 detainees from an immigration detention centre on the edge of the Fortress.

Immigrant Y: In the next few minutes we will start the operation to release detainees from immigration detention.

Immigrant X: For the last two weeks @Immigrant Y has been re-registering all inmates in the immigration detention centre where she works.

Immigrant Y: Last week I finalised the re-entry and updating on all detainee files here in the detention centre.

Immigrant X: This allowed @ImmigrantY enfettered access to the immigration database to identify people for release.

Immigrant Y: In total there were 1286 detainees currently in detention.

Immigrant X: At the moment our criteria for release matches the support we can provide which is to single males.

Immigrant Y: We hope over the coming weeks we can make the detention centre drop its numbers by 30% at least.

Immigrant X: In the coming week or two with the help of the Northern Wind we hope we can identify supports services for women and children.

Immigrant Y: We will see how low we can take the numbers before it starts to get suspicious.

Immigrant X: Many unaccompanied minors are in the prison and these youth are also a priority for us.

Immigrant Y: I also had some good news this morning from my Director. Another centre around 100 km away has asked me to clean up their database.

Immigrant X: Today we will release people based on length of stay and who we think are at high risk from self-harm or abuse in the prison.

Immigrant Y: This will allow me I make transfers between the DEX35 Immigration Detention Centre and DEX52, where I am now working.

Immigrant X: They will be the first release of hopefully of many to come.

Immigrant Y: This way there will be no suspicion drawn in the central database.

Immigrant X: With the Northern Wind we managed to get hold of a bus and detail it the same as for the Immigration transports.

Immigrant Y: I can also transfer people on paper without any knowledge and the numbers will remain stable in the central database.

Immigrant X: Classified from the Northern Wind has managed to get hold of Immigration Detention uniforms and IDs.

Immigrant Y: Physically though the numbers will keep dropping in both centres.

Immigrant X: Many staff from immigration detention centres lost their jobs from austerity cuts still have their uniforms and happy to lend them out.

Immigrant Y: The only person likely to notice will be me, but I am yet to know how motivated and competent the DEX35 detention centre staff are.

Immigrant X: Classified managed to contact these disgruntled ex-employees and get the uniforms, a pre-requisite for the action.

Immigrant Y: We should be ready to make a move very soon.

Immigrant X: Classified and Eva from the Northern Wind and two other members of the Northern Wind will pick up and transport the detainees.

Immigrant Y: I sent the release and transfer forms to the guards earlier this morning and hopefully they will have everyone ready.

Immigrant X: They will drop them off at the farm house where I and @ImmigrantY are staying.

Immigrant Y: I will go into the detention centre now to check on the guards that they have completed their task.

Immigrant X: We will rest a day and then travel the following night to a safe house close to the Inner Fortress.

Immigrant X: Then people can make their own decisions, we will help them get into the Inner Fortress or they can make it on their own from then on.

Immigrant X: At the moment I am waiting for a call from @ImmigrantY that all detainees are ready for the transfer.

Immigrant X: We do not want to be hanging around waiting in the Immigration Detention Centre drawing attention to ourselves.

Immigrant Y: The guards are only now starting to get their act together with my prompting.

Immigrant Y: The guards call me tablet as they see me always typing away while walking around the centre.

Immigrant Y: They never suspect I am cataloguing, tweeting and recording everything I see.

Immigrant X: I am parked with Eva and Classified and two other members of the Northern Wind Dragon and Fox.

Immigrant Y: Most detainees are now assembled except for 1 man who is refusing to leave.

Immigrant X: We are in a rest area, I have a small Lada that I and @ImmigrantY have been zipping around in hoping to avoid any head on collision.

Immigrant Y: I ask the guards to let me talk to the detainees.

Immigrant X: The Northern Wind members really look the part today in the detention centre uniforms. A pretty intimidating bunch.

Immigrant Y: I am now proceeding to Block C where the detainee is refusing to budge.

Immigrant X: They have getting tips on what to say and how to act from former employees who are down with the operation.

Immigrant Y: The guards are using force on one man I can see. Squeezing a pressure in his neck and pulling his arm back. I will try and stop this.

Immigrant X: Their informants are relatives of Eva who worked for years at the detention centres. So pretty safe contacts.

Immigrant X: It is kind of a family vocation for Eva’s family, Eva also worked in a prison for a year.

Immigrant Y: I managed to get them to stop and was able to talk the man. His name was Abdul.

Immigrant Y: He was really scared to move to a new camp. He had been moved twice before and each time to somewhere more crowded and worse.

Immigrant Y: I managed to calm him down & explain that the next detention centre will be better.

Immigrant Y: That he will be free very soon. But he should keep this to himself.

Immigrant Y: He finally agreed to come.

Immigrant Y: All detainees on the list have been in this hell hole for over a year. 4 of the detainees were not coping well and traumatised by the prison

Immigrant Y: You can leave to our location @Immigrant_X all the detainees are ready to be transferred.

Immigrant X: Ok @ImmigrantY we will start moving now and be there in 10 minutes.

Immigrant Y: Do you have the paper work for the transfer @Immigrant_X ?

Immigrant X: Yes @ImmigrantY Classified and Eva have the transfer forms and will do the talking.

Immigrant Y: I will move to the front gate with guards just in case @Immigrant_X

Immigrant X: Sure @ImmigrantY I will tell Eva and Classified to look out for you.

Immigrant Y: The guards are not really sure of what paperwork is used for what.

Immigrant X: I am now heading off to the farm house and get ready to receive the detainees.

Immigrant Y: There are very rarely large transfers out of the centre; usually once a week a handful of detainees that have spent 18 months are released.

Immigrant X: Classified and Eva have just left with the bus.

Immigrant Y: They are just released to the front gate with enough money where they can catch a bus to the provincial capital.

Immigrant X: I better get moving to the house. Only 15 minutes away.

Immigrant Y: These releases should take minutes but often takes 2 hours because of the lack of enthusiasm of the admin staff and guards.

Immigrant X: Will stop tweeting as I drive and just retweet @ImmigrantY

Immigrant Y: Maybe for them they see it as a last chance to frustrate the detainees. This time with a form of administrative abuse.

Immigrant Y: Larger transfers by bus of the centre rarely happen.

Immigrant Y: This transfer I hope to be over in a matter of minutes and set a new record in administrative efficiency.

Immigrant Y: The guards will be disappointed they can’t laze around in the sun on this winter’s day in the reception yard.

Immigrant Y: I’ve just they are starting to shackle and chain the detainees to each other. This will be a major head ache for us.

Immigrant Y: Just logistically stupid as how will they get on the bus shackled.

Immigrant Y: I point out the chains might be a problem and they start to release the prisoners.

Immigrant Y: One of the guards is insisting that he should travel to the other detention centre. He says this is the procedure.

Immigrant Y: I think he is after some sort of per diem, I convinced him that the other centre is providing the security.

Immigrant Y: I see the bus it is arriving now @Immigrant_X All is going well.

Immigrant X: @ImmigrantY I am just pulling into the farm house. Let me know when they set off.

Immigrant Y: The bus is through the first gate.

Immigrant X: I have a few things to do in the farm house before I leave in a few minutes.

Immigrant Y: Now the bus is in the reception yard. I am will let the guards handle the transfer and will only intervene is necessary.

Immigrant X: I made a lot of soup last night and am just warming it up and starting the fire to heat this place up.

Immigrant Y: I see classified is handing over the paper work.

Immigrant X: Then I will walk the track to up to the highway. It is about 15 minutes on a rough track through a dense forest.

Immigrant Y: The guard that wants to travel is talking to Classified. He seems to arguing about something.

Immigrant X: The track opens up onto a rest area by a minor highway, once the main highway 30 years ago now a scenic route.

Immigrant Y: I better check on this.

Immigrant X: There is little passing traffic and the rest area is secluded and overgrown and we hope empty when the bus arrives.

Immigrant X: I also did the last of the shopping this morning for kits and bedding.

Immigrant X: The kits we will hand out tomorrow before we leave to the safe house close to the Inner Fortress.

Immigrant Y: It is sorted out. The guard said that there was not enough security on the bus.

Immigrant X: We had made information cards for the people we release to help them understand what is happening.

Immigrant Y: He is right there should be two more guards. Classified explained they were short staffed today but it will be alright.

Immigrant X: the first card they will get the moment that the bus leaves the immigration detention centre.

Immigrant Y: I am not sure if this guard is suspicious, an annoying pedant or just angling for the per diem.

Immigrant X: We made the cards in a number of languages and hope this will reduce anxiety and help us give information in a structured way.

Immigrant Y: He is now backing off and the detainees are getting on the bus. They don’t look happy; unsure of what comes next.

Immigrant Y: Ok the bus is ready to go. The transfer papers are signed and the bus is through the last gate.

Immigrant Y: The bus is on the move. @Immigrant_X Just left the centre with 20 detainees on board.

Immigrant X: Copy @ImmigrantY I am now heading up the path through the forest. Let you know when I receive our guests.

Immigrant Y: It went pretty smooth @Immigrant_X But next time we need to get more Northern Wind to help.

Immigrant X: Ok @ImmigrantY will discuss with them about the numbers for security.

Immigrant Y: Ok @Immigrant_X I will get back to the admin block to finalise the transfer on the database so there are no loose ends.

Immigrant X: Ok @ImmigrantY talk to you later.

Immigrant Y: Tomorrow I start at the detention center DEX35.

Immigrant X: Just received first call from Eva on the bus that all is well. They have handed out the first information card.

Immigrant Y: This week I will see what I can do with the DEX35 system.

Immigrant X: The first information card explains that they are about to be released. That they are driving to a safe house.

Immigrant Y: With the one bus and two safe houses, we can only do one transfer per week realistically.

Immigrant X: It also explains that the guards are there to help and that they are taking a risk doing what they are doing.

Immigrant Y: Maybe we can up the tempo after a while and see if we can upscale.

Immigrant X: The forest has a lot quite a few dear tracks that look like the real path so I have to be careful I don’t get lost.

Immigrant X: I am using the GPS tracker on my phone.

Immigrant X: This place is used by hunters but it is not the season at the moment. Something we have to be aware of later on.

Immigrant X: Second call from Eva, saying there is some confusion on the bus and some people are scared what will happen next.

Immigrant X: It is important that everyone is calm before they get off the bus. If someone makes a run for it, then the operation could be blown.

Immigrant X: Eva says that they will have to explain more of the plan and see if that calms everyone down.

Immigrant X: They are only five minutes away from my location now.

Immigrant X: This means I have to hurry up and run and get my shit together with my navigation skills.

Immigrant X: Ok I made it but a bit out of breath. Eva just called and says they are one minute away.

Immigrant X: The rest area is empty. I see the bus now and I wave.

Immigrant X: Eva will come with me and Classified and the rest will park and put advertising panels on the bus and meet us tomorrow.

Immigrant X: Everyone is off the bus and I have managed to get everyone onto the track and the bus is off.

Immigrant X: I better make some conversation to get everyone at ease.

Immigrant X: We are taking it very easy on the path. The men have had no exercise for over a year and are easily out of breath.

Immigrant X: We will take a short break ever few minutes. Eva has got rid of her uniform which reassures everyone.

Immigrant X: We are off again.

Immigrant X: We stop again and we can’t just see the farm house down the valley. I point it out to them.

Immigrant X: It looks like a good destination from up here, with light smoke from the chimney and small creek flowing in front.

Immigrant X: It is only 5 minutes now to the house.

Immigrant X: I will just scout ahead a bit to check there are no farmers in the fields or any traffic on the small road.

Immigrant X: It looks quiet but we should move quickly inside in one go.

Immigrant X: Eva has everyone together and the stragglers have caught up. We move inside.

Immigrant X: Eva is now giving out the next instruction card. Letting everyone know where we are and what happens next.

Immigrant X: I better get the soup ready and help with the information session.

Immigrant X: That is it for today then. Tomorrow will give an update and more info on who we released and the nature of the deention system.

Immigrant X: Immigrant X is our communication and plan for a better future

Immigrant X: We Blog, Tweet and use social media to push our ideas. Immigrant X is fiction and faction.

Immigrant X: All you have to do to see Immigrant X is open your eyes and see those standing in the shadows and hear a whisper that injustice reigns.

Immigrant X: That lives are torn apart by the passive acceptance of those with their accidental citizenship in a western democracy.

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Immigrant X is our communication and plan for a better future, we blog, tweet and use social media to push our ideas. It is what has happened, could happen, will happen or is happening now somewhere close or on the other side of the world. Immigrant X is fiction and faction.