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The Beginning

This is Immigrant X a group with of few who hope to achieve much. We simply believe that any person should be able to choose their own destiny and that includes where they live. We also believe in standing up to an unjust system, to work from within to destroy a system that has abused and violated so many people.Picture60

Members of Immigrant X work within border security and immigration agencies, with our knowledge of the system we will try and do our best to undo the unjust, save as many as we can from what has become an acceptable injustices for so many in our community.

Although we would like to change peoples minds and open their hearts and minds to a freer world, this is not our main aim. We believe in direct action and doing something concrete. We cannot sit by for decades and hope we can cajole an unwilling politic to see our viewpoint. The level of discourse if so low that we now feel that reason has been lost and we must act.

Immigrant X is our communication and plan for a better future, we Blog, Tweet and use social media to push our ideas. Immigrant X is faction. It is what has happened, could happen, will happen or is happening now somewhere close or on the other side of the world. Immigrant X is communicating the truth. All you have to do to see Immigrant X is open your eyes and see those standing in the shadows and hear a whisper that injustice reigns in a world of plenty, that lives are torn apart by the passive acceptance of those with their accidental citizenship in a western democracy.

Join and support us and help make a better future for all not just a few privileged by their place of birth.


6 thoughts on “The Beginning

  1. Mary williams says:

    this site is awesome!!!!!

  2. Not a moment too soon. Stellar initiative. At last an intelligent response to the void that is “support” for internal state whistleblowing. Thank you for responding to the calls from the wilderness of isolation, that so often awaits whistle-blowers. An independent, unaffiliated body who can provide a sounding board, advice and counsel to those who are fully aware of how difficult it is to maintain integrity and pay a price, that is not a reward, for making “That Call” and thus predominantly don’t.

    No one wants to risk career suicide and all the pleasures that that entails…The public wonder why state corruption continues. Top tier inanities are not rare but the signature on the bottom line ensures secrecy where secrecy has no place; deceit, mismanagement or worse.

    Can’t appreciate this enough in a “comment” but know my hat is off to you.

    Seb SO1 SE1 1BD

  3. United States took me from my family after living and owning my business. My whole family is in great hardship. Living there for 30 years my fiance and our son are on welfare and in poverty. Now I am here in the UK trying somehow to make it back with this waiver. I went to see them in Canada and they didn’t even let me see them. My brother and me are very close too and he got out of the military when they took me, never to here from him again.

  4. Sami says:

    It’s impossible to install that application that shows you the home office uk borders

    1. ImmigrantX says:

      You will also have to download Adobe Air as well sometimes to install the app. let us know if you ahve more difficulty.

  5. Alexandra says:

    My dad sent much of his working life at the Department of Immigration. He worked mostly with post-war refugees and immigrants and well understood the desperation and hardship faced by those seeking a better life in Australia. He knew, too, how much richer our culture became by welcoming those less fortunate than ourselves, listening to their stories and benefiting from their desire to work hard, make friends and make good in their new country. He was a small-l Liberal and he would have been delighted by the action you brave people are taking to bring us the truth. I thank you on his behalf, and for myself and my young family, who should not have to grow up in a country whose big-L Liberal government now embraces secrecy, deceit and lies.

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Immigrant X is our communication and plan for a better future, we blog, tweet and use social media to push our ideas. It is what has happened, could happen, will happen or is happening now somewhere close or on the other side of the world. Immigrant X is fiction and faction.